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Whether you'd like a cover song customized with some in-jokes or an original composition, I'm here and happy to help. Below are a couple of examples of the projects I've been hired to create in the past. I'm available for in person/singing telegram style performance if you're local to the Seattle area, otherwise I can provide an MP3 or video for you wherever you're located. Send any questions to me at Let's discuss pricing, timeline, and what sort of musical surprise you have in mind!

Can't Buy Me Love

I made this short video to demonstrate a previous cover song I'd customized, along with a short explanation of the process. I was asked to create this version of Can't Buy Me Love a few years ago when a darling romantic wanted to surprise their beloved for Valentines Day. My client chose the song, the style (prompts such as "chill acoustic" and "vocal improv"), and told me about some of the fun in-jokes and references that would make their sweetheart laugh. This is what we created, and it was such a special gift!

Wherever You Are

I was hired to write this one for a charming young couple who had recently gotten engaged. They asked me to compose a country song about the story of their romance, an ode to the places they'd lived and how far they'd come. SIGH... What a lovely little musical moment this turned into!

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